Aivazovsky “Evening at the Sea”

Both the life and work of Ivan Aivazovsky were inextricably linked with the sea. Therefore, the main character of almost all his paintings is the element of water. With the growth of Aivazovsky as an artist, one can also notice changes in his work – his early works are full of dynamics, the riot of the elements, but over the years the storms and storms subside, the paintings become more realistic.

Painted in 1871, the painting “Evening at the Sea” refers to the late, mature period of Aivazovsky’s work. The sea is completely calm, depicted very realistically, and does not pose any danger to people on the shore – one of them decided to plunge into its cool calm waters.

The composition of the painting is original – the angle of view chosen by the artist, on the one hand, shows an endless surface of water, and on the other, creates a closed space. The artist has achieved this by limiting the water surface with thick clouds on the horizon and a coastline in the foreground. A small fragment of the calm sea shown in the painting is lightly illuminated by the rays of the evening sun.

The mood of Aivazovsky’s painting “Evening at Sea” is conflict-free, balanced, full of tranquility and harmony. The work is done very realistically, does not have bright colorful accents and color spots, the artist used light colors. This style of painting is characteristic of the late period of the work of Ivan Aivazovsky.

Year of painting: 1871.

Painting dimensions: no data.

Material: no data.

Writing technique: no data.

Genre: Marina.

Style: romanticism.

Gallery: no data.

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