Borovikovsky – “Portrait of E. N. Arseneva”

Peru Borovikovsky Vladimir Lukich owns many portraits, but our attention was drawn to the portrait of Ekaterina Nikolaevna Arsenyeva. It was written in 1796. The author’s great talent was not only his ability to accurately convey facial features, but also to show the character of a person on canvas.

Looking at the portrait of Arsenyeva, we see a young woman, about twenty-five years old. Her facial expression indicates a good mood. She is happy with herself and her life, she is very confident and proud. The chin is raised high, the chest is put forward, but with all this there is no arrogance: she just beautifully poses for the author. The face is calm, the lips are compressed, the blush on the cheeks. The neck and neckline are not covered by anything, and we can see light beautiful skin. Also, bare arms are crossed in front of you. On one hand there is a beautiful decoration in the form of a bracelet, and in the other Catherine is holding a yellow apple. She is wearing a very beautiful dress made of light, almost transparent material. On the head is a beautiful wicker hat, from under which, golden-colored curls fall on the back.

The portrait was drawn on the street, as you can see that the girl is leaning on a stone, and a beautiful view opens up behind her. On the one hand, the greenery of the trees, and on the other, a beautiful lush sky. Against this background, Ekaterina Arsenyeva looks even more lively and beautiful. Her lips curved into a soft, playful smile. Dark eyes look very flirtatious. And her whole figure attracts the eye.

Looking at the painting “Portrait of Arsenyeva” by Vladimir Borovikovsky, one can see how vividly he depicted the girl herself and the back view is drawn in more muted colors. So, it seems to us even more that this is a living person who sits in front of us and is about to say something. Such realism of images is characteristic of Borovikovsky.

Year of painting: 1796.

Painting dimensions: no data.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: portrait.


Gallery: State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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