Bryullov Karl – “The Genius of Art”

A masterpiece of pictorial art, the famous work of Karl Bryullov “The Genius of Art” was his first serious work. The artist painted it for more than three years, while studying at the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts. When he started working on the painting, he was just over 18 years old.

Each element of the picture carries a special meaning. The human figure is surrounded by symbolic objects. The artist depicted a book, palette, lyre, laurel wreaths, compasses. The head of the sculpture adds emotion to the painting and is contrasted with the carefree pose of the young man. This is how the torment of creativity and genius are contrasted. The bright red fabric adds dynamism to the picture.

Ideal proportional forms and wings behind the back deify the young man. Above his head you can see a radiance that speaks of the need for inspiration, without it creativity is impossible.

This painting became the starting point for the young artist, the work showed Bryullov’s perseverance and talent, became a kind of pass to the world of great art. After the painting “The Genius of Art”, the artist wrote many more great works, and is rightfully considered one of the greatest painters in the whole world.

Year of painting: 1820.

Painting dimensions: no data.

Material: paper.

Writing technique: chalk, charcoal, pastel.

Genre: allegory.

Style: neoclassicism.

Gallery: State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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