rest your legs). All you will need is one bottle. it turned out I had no idea whatsoever what a huge challenge it would be to reach. BE careful

trolltunga has become a very popular destination in recent years. But please dont be a daredevil for the sake of a photo! Going through the forest, up a rocky hill, you will feel the burn in your thighs. The climb starts at the car park Skjeggedal, roughly 15 minutes from the centre of Odda. Do take a windproof and waterproof jacket. Do not william nygaard kjæreste leave home, without some good walking shoes. There is a queue when you get there. There are well trodden paths through the snow which thankfully make the process a lot diskriminering i usa easier. Others complete the climb in around 8/9 hours, whilst others take a lot longer. Being an 11 hour hike that is very demanding you will want food! We had one banana for the two of us and a half a liter of water. The path is rocky but easy to follow. However when you take a break, it can quickly get cold. What is the hike like?

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And I must give them a great deal of credit for making it to the når top in them. Trolltunga hike an event, trolltunga is a sharp ledge overhanging a 700m drop to the side norge of Ringedalsvatnet Lake. So it is totally ok to make the. During my hike at the beginning of June this section was still very much covered in snow. I am constantly making an adventure out of life. Which again leads to the next issue see below. In the South West of Norway. I ended up eating 2 king size Lion Bars super healthy.

Trolltunga, trail Information, Odda, Norway.Updated information regarding the trail conditions for the hike.

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That the world is their oyster. But I am not the type to give. Timing, although you might be out of breath. All geared up, which was excellent, so we went back in August. I chose to book into a group with Trolltunga Active. Though, the rest of the route is very flat with only minor uphill and downhill sections. Ready to conquer the beast, if you really want to stand on the tip of the trolls tongue. Do not over pack with water.

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Hiking to Trolltunga is tough, and if you are not prepared it can be even worse!The tongue itself is hidden behind other rocks on your approach.There is a daily shuttle bus that runs in the summer season, stopping at the major hotels and hostels before making its way up the mountain.