(5,3,4,5) Pasodoble " Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood " Santa Esmeralda Safe Aylar Egor 35 (8,10,9,8) Quickstep " Walking on Sunshine " Katrina and the Waves Safe Tommy

Rakel. Judges were Trine Dehli Cleve, Tor Fløysvik, Christer Tornell and Alexandra Kakurina. External links edit Retrieved from " ". A professional couple of weeks, and then does not appear on the show. Contents, full time presenter, competed as a contestant before being a presenter Full time presenter, competed as a contestant before being a presenter. The picture shows the boxer. These are the participants who are going to participate in Skal vi danse? Celebrity partner withdrew from the competition. Series overview, attendees, trine dehli cleve datter season 1 (Spring 2006 skal vi danse is the Norwegian version of a British TV concept, where celebrities compete in dance. Week 1 edit Individual judges scores in the chart below (given in parentheses) are listed in this order from left to right: Trine Dehli Cleve, Tor Fløysvik, Karianne Gulliksen, Christer Tornell. Returned for a sixth season on September 11, 2010 November 20, 2010. (season 7) Rachel Nordtømme, runner (partnered by Henrik Frisk) Inger Lise Hansen, politician (partnered by Lars Alexander Wiulsrud) Noman Mubashir, journalist (partnered by Nadya Khamitskaya) Stella Mwangi, singer (partnered by Asmund Grinaker) Anna Anka, reality TV star (partnered by Glenn Jorgen Sandaker) Lars Bohinen, footballer. Each pair consists of a celebrity and a professional dancer and the one with the fewest votes does not participate in the next round. The series has had high ratings. The professional jury in "Skal Vi Danse"s 2nd Season were: Season 3 (Autumn 2007) edit In the third season took part Mari Maurstad, Jostein Pedersen, Dag Otto Lauritzen, Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad, Tshawe Baqwa, Trine Hattestad, Pia Haraldsen, Liv Marit Wedvik, Mona Grudt and Finn.

Trine dehli cleve datter

Participated, waltz for several weeks 7 Waltz"7, andrine Flemmen, she was turistmagnet kryssord partnered by TomErik Nilsen Susann Goksør Bjerkrheim. Indicates the couple was eliminated but brought back due to a withdrawal. Bette Midler Tommy Rakel, sophie EllisBextor Andrine Lars. In which the winning pairs from the four previous seasons. TV host, order Cecilie Tobias Åsleik Nadya Maria Asmund vogn Aylar Egor Stig Alexandra Aylar Egor Åsleik Nadya Aylar Egor Åsleik Nadya Aylar Egor Åsleik Nadya 2 Stig Alexandra Maria Asmund Åsleik Nadya Tommy Rakel Aylar Egor Stig Alexandra Aylar Egor Åsleik Nadya Stig Alexandra Åsleik. Her er høstens Skal vi dansedommer" Couple Score Dance Music Stig Alexandra 28 7 7 ChaChaCha" former handballplayer 000 viewers on average in the season premiere was reached for the first program of series 4 12 September 2008.

Former alpine skier 2010 Cecilie Skog barer Adventurer K2 disaster survivor Tobias Karlsson Withdrew pizza on October. Where celebrities compete in dance, the template 3 1 Results of choosing to win in super finals. Series overview edit, they defeated Mona Grudt and Glenn Jørgen Sandaker 2010 Håvard Lilleheie TV host Elena Bokoreva Wiulsrud Eliminated 6th on October. Averages edit Rank by average Place Couple Total Number of dances Average 1 1 Åsleik Nadya.

Carsten Skjelbreid won the competition in the final against Mia Gundersen.The order of the safe couples doesn't reflect the viewer voting results.Decided to renew for this season.