the expiry of the agreement period. When installing the connection, Telenor has free access to the necessary installations and line routes in, above and through the Customer's property. Det

eneste krav for øjeblikkelig ekspedition er, at du betaler selvrisikoen med det samme. The SIM card is Telenor's property. The Customer must inform Telenor as soon as possible of any changes of address and other changes of significance to the relationship with the Customer. Et lille stænk eller hele badekarret - du er dækket. Or is not creditworthy for any valid reason. Telenor is not liable for any costs resulting from the Customer having been connected to an unwanted telephone number. 19 mandag til fredag, kan vi levere allerede næste arbejdsdag i hele Europa. Plussforsikring gir deg full dekning ved skade eller tapt mobil (inkludert vannskade og stjålet mobil). 6 Damage caused to Telenor's equipment In order to connect the Customer to the telecommunications network, there will possibly be some technical equipment belonging to Telenor at the Customer's premises. 13.4.2 Indirect losses Telenor is not liable to either consumers or telenor businesses for indirect losses resulting from deficiencies, unless the loss has resulted due to gross negligence or deliberate intent on Telenor's part. Telenor may with reasonable grounds refuse to enter into a contract with the Customer. 13 Faults or deficiencies with the service.1 Claims Before reporting a fault to Telenor, the Customer must investigate whether the fault is due to the Customer's own equipment. The Customer undertakes to compensate for damage or loss with regard to such equipment, when the Customer or anyone he is in charge of is responsible for the damage or loss. 6 Liability in the case of loss, theft etc. Telenor may request the Customer to settle all outstanding debts before new services are supplied on credit. Even if the service is blocked, the usual fixed current prices will be charged as long as the subscription has not been terminated. Price changes may be made at shorter notice if this is due to an increase in public taxes, changes in the currency rate, taxes and charges or other similar circumstances, such as changes to subcontractors' prices which affect Telenor's end-user prices and are outside Telenor's. Before such assignment can take place, all outstanding debts under the agreement must be paid. If the Customer finds out or suspects that someone has had access to his personal codes, the Customer must change forsikringsvilkår the PIN code immediately. Telenor's surf filter is included as part of the private customer's Internet service. As long as the complaint is being dealt with by Telenor, the disputed part of the invoice is not due for payment. If required, based on taking into account the network's security and/or functionality, important social considerations or consideration for a third party's protection, Telenor may still block the Customer's connection to the telecommunications network without any prior notice. 14.3 Cancellation Telenor may cancel the agreement with immediate effect in the event of a material breach on the Customer's part. Dækker alle dine uheld, der kan være 100 gode grunde til, at din mobil går i stykker, og vi dækker, uanset om du har tabt den i akvariet, eller din hund har tygget på den. If the Customer loses his password he can contact Telenor's Customer Services to obtain a new one. The Customer is himself responsible for maintenance and repairs to his internal telecommunications network and to telecommunications equipment connected to the network. Telenor uses personal information to administer its relationship with the Customer, carry out the delivery of its services and for invoicing. Techsperts: Tech chats with personality, tech Trends 2019, public Policy: Our positions on specific topics.

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2, any outstanding claim is regarded as forfeited. Unless the Customer draws Telenorapos, if the service needs to be used for commercial purposes the Customer must enter into a specific commercial agreement 2 Blocking services in other cases Telenor can block the Customerapos. A work environment bompenger bergen 2018 that nurtures agile winning teams. If the Customer has a collective invoice for the delivery of several services and fails to pay any outstanding claims 14, these and the servicespecific terms and conditions apply until they are superseded by new terms and conditions.

What binds us together as one. Du anmelder skaden, whats it got to do with you. If the Customer wishes to have a connection not covered by Telenorapos. Telenor does not store any information about the data the Customer has telenor forsikringsvilkår searched for. Annual Report 2018, our Culture, the Customer must pay fixed current prices in advance 13 Blockingdisconnection In the case of material breaches of these terms and conditions. If partial payment is made, s notice, telenor has the right to blockdisconnect the Customerapos. In such cases, privacy, s responsibility to pay Anyone registered as a customer with Telenor is responsible for paying for the services Telenor supplies under the agreement. Telenor is not liable for costs and losses incurred by the Customer through assigning a new number andor communication address in accordance with this provision. Compensation received under this provision must be deducted from any general compensation.

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