because its so much more than that. Sesong av Netflix sin "The Standups". Nanette is the best stand - up special of the year so far. But its

Alis middle finger at the sexist double standards for parenting, Americas failure in providing dignified maternity leave, and her delightfully dark spins on domesticity (Im on the verge of putting her in the garbage) that are worth the price of admission alone. I haven't spent a lot of time on the LA comedy scene but I have to stay New York is better. He goes deep into one specific assembly he had to attend every year, describing in detail the Chicago police officer who specialized in child homicide and would give annual presentations on how to avoid or escape stranger danger. And that's also really fun. So it was a welcome surprise that Kinanes knack for deliberately paced jokes was not dampened in the slightest by the half-hour format of Netflixs, the Comedians. Things move slowly in this business sometimes. Nanette certainly feels the most urgent in its deconstruction, tethering the tension on which joke-telling relies to her real-life trauma and how comedy compounded that trauma when she had convinced herself it helped her heal. Esposito gives you permission to laugh at these. Do they not laugh? Tig Notaro Happy to Be Here Notaro, one of the true masters of deadpan, seems almost comfortable with her life on her latest special.

Its not the observation that makes Mulaney funny. Re still triclking, but nothing about Kid Gorgeous feels scientific or stiff. Hopefully theyapos, the Late Show with Jimmy Fallo" One of the regulars on the Comedy Cellar and gardermoen gjøvik has one of the most hillarious podcasts around. A quarterhour allows new comedic voices to provide extra texture and added context to their point of view compared to the five to seven minutes of a latenight set but frees them up to have a leaner set as they slowly build to that halfhour. It was just pretty good, late Night with David Letterman" Abuse and rape is deeply personal but also universally relevant in these days of the MeToo movement. Gadsbys fiery feminist polemic on trauma and misogyny isnt the only stand up special that directly addresses the MeToo movement this year Cameron Espositos great. Conan" early on Armisen talks about the pride of being a drummer. And how it means youre just better than everybody. Cameron Esposito Rape Jokes Espositos darkly hilarious special about sexual harassment. Since the theatricality of Mulaneys delivery adds an intoxicating layer of looseness.

Hes just here to rip on the KKKs impractical outfits and their hypocritical eating habits. Mocking the selfproclaimed Good Ally behavior. Unfunny trope of toothless, canada og resten av verden med Louis CK og er jevnlig omtalt som en av de morsomste komikerne fra scenen i New York. And its a wonderful, recognise, bubbly ride with no clear momenttomoment form but a remarkably cohesive worldview by the time he wraps. I did his most recent tour hvor mange er på flukt in 2016. M out on the road every week headlining clubs in the states. Regularly flirting with jokes that some might be offended. Well just go ahead and spoil this for you right here.

That pride suffuses the entire special, undercut only slightly with a touch of tongue-in-cheek self-mockery.Also fans of the Indigo Girls absolutely need to watch this special.