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only allowing obviously seminal and Morally-Instructive works to be laboriously copied by monks in their Scriptorums. Joe, in fact, told me he destroyed them when he received them, for he did want his extremely jealous partner, Kenneth, to find them. Joe was wearing a blue-striped sailor-jersey, his face gleaming, as though oiled. The program-notes indicate that the Nazis initially branded Carmina as "Degenerate Art" and "bayerische Neggermusik." Or Bavarian Negro-Music Your scribe came to know Carl Orff when he was teaching for the University of Maryland Overseas in Europe in the late 1950s. The show offers over thirty Cohan Broadway songs, including, of course, Give My Regards To Broadway, All Aboard for Broadway, Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway, and Hello, Broadway. Personal Disclosure: I make these regretful observations as something of a Joe Orton Expert. Historical Perspectives : Your scribe's first experiences of Country Music were via Radio, as pious Methodists weren't allowed to slope off to the LaBarr Meadows Road-House Dance-Hall. There has to be a good reason it took so long for The Music Teacher to come to life onstage. So it is still possible that other Marta Eggerth films will come to light again! Aeschylus is credited with some 80 titles; Sophocles, with more than 120, and Euripides with about 90, eighteen of which have somehow survived. Cohan was no Cohen. Was this a Visual Metaphor for the gradual Opening of the Eyes of the Entire Berger Family to Harsh Realities? Suicide: Ordained by the Pentagon! One reason may well be that it is just not possible to breathe Life into. He also knew Robert Stolz and his widow, the unforgettable "Einzi." She saved Stolz from certain Concentration-Camp imprisonment, when he was among the hundreds and hundreds of Jews rounded up: not by the Gestapo : but by the Paris Police, even before the Nazis asked. A revolving-stage-ring scoots endless assortments of furniture-props on and off. Han er et stort skandinavisk reginavn.

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