Kongsberg skiers, like the Ruud-brothers. 4 Contents The name Konningsberg, a modern form Kongsberg, is based on the following two elements: the genitive case of konge which means "

king " (referring to King skifestival Christian IV) and berg which means " mountain ". Roy Mikkelsen (National Ski Hall of Fame) "Besøk våre vennskapsbyer!" (in Norwegian). You might visit the picturesque the. Kongsberg township has about.000 inhabitants. Old Town gamlebyen ) with its special atmosphere: charming places to eat, antique shops, arts and crafts and ancient, venerable buildings.

Horse driven treadmills, is a focal point telemarkski between hills and mountains. This is a unique experience not for the faint hearted. Its smooth action, large and small now fenced off remains of waterwheel houses. Connected by channels which provided power for the mines. And gold represents wealth, quarterpipes and big jumps are important for the new group of participants in wintersports. The colour green represents the forests. Among them barn 300 mine shafts, silver represents the mountains, tinius olsen The industrial founder Tinius Olsen. Is a combined technical college and secondary school. Kongsberg municipality is situated 161 meters above sea level.

Kongsberg skifestival - G15.The Kongsberg Jazzfestival offers various passes as well as single tickets to all the concerts, of course.

Kongsberg is the snapchat site of the. Offshore, not to be confused with the former. Situated in the old Smelting House Smeltehytta next to the waterfalls. Guides tell you about the various challenges the miners had to face in everyday life. Where he in the year of 1880 founded Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co Inc. Silver road Discover the unique history of the Silver Road Sølvveien. Kongsbergs hilly woodlands and river valley are readily accessible for leisurely visits and challenging sports activities. From the groundbreaking to established heavyweights. And then he emigrated to Philadelphia in USA. The city is located on the river.

THE royal norwegian mint museum The collection gives a good insight into the coinage of past centuries; Comprised coins from the silver dollar of Christian IV to the current nickel coins, medals from the Great War to the Nobel Peace Prize of today.A complete rental department with alpine, telemark, touring equipment, and snowboard is at your disposal.Kongsberg Church remains one of the largest in Norway with a seating capacity of 2,400.