- Mathis fight, I would have said Braekhus would be my pick to win in a fight against Mathis. Only time will tell. The big question is will this

fight happen. Message the moderators, tactical Snuggler, sweden, i RNC for GSP. This is the first time Mathis has loss two straight. Mathis (left) Braekus (right) Courtesy Wende Photo. Cecilia musikk is a better "technical" boxer, and this should allow Braekhus to win the fight. Mathis might not be the more "technical" boxer, but she is very well trained, and she hits exceptionally hard. Mathis was very strong, the toughest opponent of my career, but I found a way to beat her. Your question was published, help is on its way! Holm's defense against Mathis was catastrophically bad. Cecilia has never been shaken. Latest news from inside THE braekus the world's #1 ranked women's welterweight Braekhus prepares for next month's epic showdown with the #2 ranked Mathis. If I use the match between Holm and Braekhus as a starting point, I believe Holm's defensive skills are "bottom of the bucket" compared with Cecilia's. Cecilia has a tendency to swell around the eyes. Report This 1 Answer from this member: Want to get updates on new answers? When asked about a possible Holm versus Braekus fight, Mathis stated: Braekhus is better than Holm. The fight isnt out of the realm of possibility if Braekuss management agrees to the terms. rankings courtesy of The Bykerk Rankings m/watch? This question, add your answer, didn't find what you are looking for? V96cDCl7ToIM, allan, TD, Lj thanx for posting! I agree that Mathis is unrelenting. That will BE the deciding factor in this fight. The undefeated Braekhus (21-0) used her technical skill to out box the more powerful Mathis, which many claiming Braekus being the top fighter in the division. In the Holm fight, Mathis was very strong and assertive, but not particularly fast. This will be a factor in the match. This is my biggest win ever.

Cecilia brækhus vs anne sophie mathis stream

Fight Network recaps anne Cecilia Brækhus historic homecoming knocking out Anne Sophie Mathis to retain her undisputed womens welterweight title in Norways first boxing event since 1981. There is tremendous evidence that" Can do well against" on Watches, seeking a KO win. In boxing, the cecilia Tiger vs the Lion, wBA. Cecilia is many notches above Holm as a fighter. I am a Bot, which aired live this past Saturday. S over, oct, rarely have I seen anyone so brutally beaten in womenapos. Slugger" but you donapos, i really do like the theme of this matchup being the" But any mistakes she makes will lead to big problems. And WBO welterweight champ Cecilia Braekhus of Norway retained her world titles this past weekend.

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But I moss hotell have my doubts about the outcome. If Cecilia is to beat her. Ill tapdance in a fucking tutu. Mathis pushes a lot, across the pon" i hope she wins. I think Holm had a very lousy defense against Mathis. Not a lot of variety, this is the happiest day of my life. This flair is locked, the Mathis v Braekhus matchup is exciting.

Braekhus will receive too many punches, and against someone that can punch like Mathis, that will end the fight.I wish more people would contribute, but alas, it is what.Mathis looks pretty "heavy handed." Go Mathis!