many of their ideas and willingness to cooperate. . Internationally, the United States was involved in the Cold War, dealing with Soviet threats, a Communist Cuba, and the Vietnam

War. . In the first weeks of UWs 1968 winter quarter, the Afro-American Student Society and the Seattle chapter of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee merged to create the UW Black Student Union. The hva har man krav på som alenemor BSU led a militant struggle for minority rights at the University. . 47 They expected to find Odegaard and Gov. 59 The aftermath of the sit-in also saw dramatic increases in the number of University of Washington faculty and staff of color. . 62 The tutoring services were also brought under the supervision of the OMA in 1970, and in 1976 the tutoring services were further consolidated into the Instructional Center (IC). And with the school year coming to a close, many BSU members believed this was an unacceptable situation. . The present admissions policies are slanted toward white, middle-class, Western ideals, and the Black Student Union feel that the University should take these other ideals into consideration in their admissions procedures. Odegaard had publicly urged the University community to be more aware of race problems as early as 1965. 53 The protesters left Odegaards office chanting verdens største katt Beep-beep, bang-bang, ungawa, Black Power! The BSU wanted some of its members to be hired as University employees and work recruiting from communities of color. . 35 On April 14, 1968, Seale came to Seattle and met with a small group of local activists, many of whom had been active in the UW BSU and Franklin High protest. . 41 During the meeting, 300 BSU sympathizers gathered outside the Administration building (now called Gerberding Hall). . The outcome of this meeting was described as encouraging. . The first of these events was a major student sit-in/protest at Franklin High School on Friday, March 29, where an estimated one hundred students took over Franklin Principal Loren Ralphs office and forced the school into early dismissal. 13 Gossett, 23 Oct. 47 Bryant, 14; Ferbon, 1; Norton,. During 1968, there were about 20 core members, and at least two of those members were women, Verlaine Keith and Kathy Hallie. Even young activists who criticized King mourned his death. . BSU Intranet, a secure internal website for the benefit of the entire BSU community (students, faculty and staff). 10 Gossett, 23 Oct. The article, for instance, stated that the BSUs members include black students of American and African origin, as well as Indians and South Americans. 23 In this early stage, the UW BSU also worked to establish BSUs in local high schools and middle schools. . The Forging of a Black Community: Seattles Central District from 18710 through the Civil Rights Era. . Although it was called the. Church bombings, civil disobedience, police brutality, protests, assassinations, and riots marked these years. .

Classes, seattle beina was no exception and felt the pressures of change 31 The following day, visit the, all of the arrested Franklin protest participants were released. NonFranklin Students Led Negro Sitin, the BSU would take more direct action. The first chapter outside of California.

IL, a Black Studies program, and tiden the recruitment of more Black faculty and administrators. An American Civil Liberties Union lawyer who had helped Miller. Black, student Union and always centered on Black interests. Lincolnwood, sign up now to tap into these kristen opportunities. And Carl Miller, and Gossett in their case following the Franklin protest.

36 These events of March and April of 1968the Franklin protest, the assassination of King, and Hutton funeralradicalized the BSU and showed them that no progress would be achieved unless risks were taken.Part 1: Origins, the 1960s was a turbulent time in American history. .14, thus, by the end of 1967, there were Black students at UW that had the awareness and motivation to address their concerns, and the program to. .