Bruegel – “The Parable of the Blind”

Pieter Bruegel the Elder can be called an artist-philosopher. His paintings are profound, full of hidden meaning. The work of this artist stands out against the background of the classical works of that time, it is impossible to approach them from the point of view of painting of the 16th century.

The main theme of his work is the image of ordinary people: peasants, artisans. One of the first he began to depict a person at work, while not idealizing him, but, on the contrary, trying to give the image the maximum naturalness, even a certain roughness.

Bruegel’s canvases are always full of humor and a critical view of life with its peculiarities. It is characterized by the image of hypertrophied figures of beggars and cripples. It is a known fact that Bruegel sometimes dressed in peasant clothes and talked with ordinary people in order to better understand their life, their needs and desires.

Another feature of Bruegel’s paintings is their instructiveness. Many of them are illustrations for famous parables. The painting “The Parable of the Blind” is just such an illustration to the parable of the blind man who leads other blind people. This is a biblical story that tells that if one blind man shows the way to another, then nothing good will come of it.

Year of painting: 1568.

Dimensions of the painting: 86 x 154 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: allegory.

Style: Northern Renaissance.

Gallery: National Museum and Galleries of Capodimonte, Naples, Italy.

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