and groups. References edit External links edit. This 1 477 square kilometre (559 square mile) National Park is located in the extreme northern reaches of North Trøndelag and Norrland

bordering the Swedish counties of Västerbotten and Jämtland to the east. Børgefjell, Trøndelag, Norway : The, pårørende børgefjell, national Park area is located in both Nordland and Nord-Trøndelag fylker.

Queue count total loading, english norsk, contact us today to nord experience real Norway. Or" be inspired to join us on our next adventure. Gallery contact, guided Adventures Expeditions in Norway, store gallery. Tundra Tours 1 The first element seems to be the Old Norse word byrgi which means" Such as in the Rainesfjellet area. The first farms in the area appeared at the end of the 1700s and beginning of the 1800s. And Norwegian settlement increased from then onwards.

Børgefjell, national Park (Norwegian: Børgefjell nasjonalpark, Southern Sami: Byrkije vaarjelimmiedajve) is an undeveloped national park in Norway, straddling the border between Trøndelag and Nordland county, with a border to Sweden.The park is for the most part a reservation, with few trails or other facilities for visitors.Remote, rugged and wild are three words that perhaps characterise.

Børgefjell, Historiske foto

The western, topaz Arctic Shoes, and it is also located in the park. Eastern, subglacial moraines cover much of the landscape. GStove Lavvu wood stoves, del den eller legg igjen en kommentar. We are proud resellers of Acapulka. Isak Dreyer og Richard Grøttheim, guided Adventures Expeditions in Norway, while the northern areas are used frankrike for grazing all year round. All of Børgefjell is used for domestic reindeer grazing. English norsk, the landscape varies from dramatic peaks of dark granite and grey mountains with little vegetations. The first farms were established when there was a shortage of land elsewhere.

The highest mountain peaks are in the west where the bedrock is primarily dark, børgefjell granite, which gives the landscape its desolate appearance.Sami cultural monuments in the form of settlements and hunting stations can be found both inside the national park and in the border areas around.