Bilibin Ivan – “The Frog Princess”

In his work, Ivan Bilibin paid much attention to illustrating fairy tales, in this he achieved outstanding success.

Since 1899, he began to create cycles of illustrations in different styles for fairy tales. The artist creatively approached the comprehension of each fairytale plot, bringing his own flavor to them.

One of the most famous series of illustrations by Ivan Bilibin is a series of illustrations for the fairy tale “The Frog Princess”. Perhaps the brightest scene of this famous tale is the meeting of Ivan Tsarevich and the frog. Numerous shades of green have become the background of the picture, which add a special soulfulness to the action. The artist prepares the reader for the fact that good will definitely win in a fairy tale, so the picture radiates happiness and positive emotions.

The illustration by Ivan Bilibin for the fairy tale “The Frog Princess” is distinguished by the accuracy of the costumes corresponding to their time. Ivan is dressed in a traditional caftan, a green hat and boots, and the frog holds an arrow in its paw and looks at its savior earnestly. The artist paid great attention to the expression on the faces of the characters in the picture: every emotion is clearly visible – fun, sadness, surprise. It can be seen with what love Bilibin treats both the fairy tale itself and its characters.

Many generations grew up on fairy tales illustrated by Ivan Bilibin, his works are appreciated by many art lovers, which makes him a truly great artist.

Year of painting: 1900.

Painting dimensions: no data.

Material: no data.

Writing technique: lithography.

Genre: illustration.

Style: modern.

Gallery: no data.

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